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Miami, Florida
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Miami, Florida Arts

Excerpts from the Miami New Times are ©2004 Miami New Times and republished with publisher's permission.

Locust Projects
105 NW 23rd St., Miami FL; Tel. 305.576.8570
It's that unmarked warehouse in the Miami warehouse district, down the street from the cluster of services for the poor and homeless. The one that had a show with a giant flamingo made of bubblegum prostrate on the floor, the sole artwork in the otherwise barren space. The one with exhibits titled "Pigs and Lint" and "The Night Crazy Legs Went GQ: New Projects by Miami Artists." The one that is a nonprofit founded by three intriguing young artists: Weston Charles, Elizabeth Withstandley, and Cooper (one name only). Now it's also the one with an assistant director who is another fascinating artist, Gean Moreno. The one that shows alternative works from alternative Miami artists consistently and interestingly. The one that greatly helped form the electric emerging art scene in Miami. The one that deserves to be called Miami's art best gallery this year. (Review: Miami New Times)

Museum of Contemporary Art
770 NE 125th St., North Miami FL; Tel. 305.893.6211
Last year Miami's Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCA) featured a large exhibit of works by Jack Pierson, a midcareer American conceptualist in his early forties. While certainly grateful for the attention, Pierson expressed surprise, even embarrassment, at having a museum retrospective so early in his life. But that is exactly the sort of thing we've come to expect from MoCA. Museum director Bonnie Clearwater has made a commitment to show and acquire works by emerging artists such as Pierson, and in doing so has become a national trend-setter, not to mention creating the most dynamic art museum in South Florida. MoCA also has made a commitment to our local community of young artists, and has provided them with exposure and experience they couldn't hope to find in most large metropolitan areas. Not every MoCA venture has met with universal praise, but we applaud the willingness to take risks. (Review: Miami New Times)

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